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Mythology of the World, Comparative Mythology


Mythologies of the World

Comparative Mythologies

Kristen Haug Babylonian Myths

Christine Ermenville Creation Myths

Jason Aurori Indian Myths

Ashley Monica Underworld/Afterlife

Becky Cohen Biblical Myths

Alex Albu Monsters of Mythology

Phuong Trinh Norse Myths

Jennifer Eisenberg Challenging the Gods

Katherine Bryndza Egyptian Myths

Meghan White Ruler Gods

Rosalie Candido Arthurian Myths I

Erika Vecchione Sun Gods

Rich Sherman Arthurian Myths II

Lindsey Trella Opponents of the Gods

Josh Frisch Celtic Myths

Heather Zeller Heroes of Mythology

Favorite Links

Mythology Links


About Room 222

Favorite Links

LMP- Famous for such songs as "Where's the Zamboni", "Top Ramen", and "Bucket of Leggos" - Where many of the GIFs for this web site came from

SURGE! - just SURGE.

Lucid images - This site allows you to create moving images and scrolling text.

Animations - This site is where a number of the animated gifs on this site come from.

Mythology Links

Mythology and Folklore - This site has numerous links and discusses Classical, Arthurian, and Celtic mythologies. - Mythology links: an excellent site with links for both teachers and students - Joseph Campbell Foundation Web Site

Mythology by Image - a site of 2 dozen myths and an image to go with each myth

Links Galore - Hundreds of links to different mythologies, may take a while to load

Egyptian Mythology Gallery - An excellent site for Egyptian mythology and heiroglyphics




About Room 222:

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Room 222 is an English room at West Essex Junior High School in North Caldwell, NJ.