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Famous Monsters from Mythology

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Cyclopes are found in Greek Myths and are described as being giants with one round eye in teh middle of their forhead. They helped Zeus (picture below) with his battls against the Titans. They are brontes, Steropes and Arges.

In the Odyssey by Homer, the Cyclopes are ferocious man-eating giants. Odysseus though waws able to puncture one of their eyes.

They hae also been believed to have built the great walls of ancient citadels, such as mycene and Tiryns.


In jewish legends, golems are images that are borugt to life by a magic formula. The word is used to describe anything that is not fully developed. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that there were wise men who could place life in effigies using a magic spell. The golems would then take on the form of a robot, or automation. They would carry out their master's command and could perform easy tasks, as well as protecting their creators.


These are harmless creatures that look and act like elves. They live in the mountains of Wales. They have an unpleasant habit of placing themselves on both sides of a mountain trail between the rocks, and then following people who pass by silently with their eyes.


Hags are looked at as being the personification of winter on the Biritsh Isles. Most of the time they are old and very ugly duing the winter months and then become beautiful young women as the weather changes.


Zobies, as described by the voodoo-cult of the caribbean, are soulles bodyes that serve as slave to a sorcerer. The sould could have possible left the body throught the regular death rituals, but could also have been removed from a living body by a sorcerer. Ghede, as lord of the death, can restore a zombie to life by returning the soul.

Above is Zeus who is the father of all gods


Comparison of Monsters

All of the above monsters that were described are all similar and different in many ways. All of the monsters are actually human-like, and some are half-human and half-animal. Next, they are mostly all good and bad meaning that they have been known to be good and bad at different times. The monsters are also all found in Greek myths and most are originally derived from greek myths. This also makes them almost all sons or relatives of Zeus. If the monsters were not fathered by Zeus this does not mean that they have not encountered him at some time or another. All of them have either helped him or fought him in a greek myth. Another similarity of the monsters described above is that they are all for the most part bestial or man-eating. All of the monsters above share a variety of different similarities.


Contrast of Monsters

All of the monsters that were described above are also different in a myriad of ways. First of all, they are not all fathered by Zeus or derived from Greek mythology (though a few are). Also, they are not all in the same form. Meaning that some are human-like, some are animal-like, and some are both. They are also all different in the sense that some of them are bad, some of them are good, and some are good and bad. Lastly, all teh monsters differ in where they live. Sonme are sea monster, some are land monsters, while others are monsters of the air.

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